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  A Guide to Teach you How to Solve Sudoku puzzles
  Table of Contents
  1 Fundamentals
      Just 3 Rules
  2 Solutions
      Rules for Solving Sudoku
      Practice Puzzles
  3 The Sudoku Grid
      Permanent Numbers
  4 Mapping
      Sudoku Grid Mapping Techniques
  5 Elimination of Candidate Numbers
  6 Hints to Mapping after Each Candidate
  7 Mapping Using Tracking
  8 Twins, Triplets and Wild Cards
  9 Using Logic to Solve
  10 When to Use Guessing and How to Guess

Sudoku Puzzles
Sudoku puzzles have a fascinating history.

In the past few years, Sudoku puzzles have become all the rage. Puzzlers seem to be working on them everywhere you go.

It was out of my love for logic puzzles that I decided to write this guide to solving Sudoku puzzles. It is appropriate for beginners and experts who may want to learn a simpler approach to solving Sudoku puzzles.

I have taught hundreds of people how to solve Sudoku puzzles and have given many impromptu lessons to the passerby.

I am always happy to teach more and so I have developed this guide. I wish many happy puzzle hours of enjoyment and I predict many solved Sudoku puzzles in your future if you practice the techniques in my guide.


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